Tuesday, July 27, 2010


First off, thanks Jennie for being my one and only friend on here, although somehow I friended myself, which is kinda sad and rather lonely, but I digress.....

So If anyone ever decides to actually follow this blog I will keep on posting daily rants.

Today was my very first trip to Rite-Aid using my Wellness Card and coupons.  I think I did rather well.  I spent 35.00 and saved 33.00 plus got 9.00 Rite Aid bucks to use later.  I figure I did well.  I am well stocked up on Kleenex and Stay-Free (sorry for any guys reading this).  I also got free toothpaste, like seriously, FREE!!  Hmmm, maybe this coupon thing will work out after all and my ADD will not kick in and I push this to the side like I usually do everything else. We shall see............

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My very first post!!

So I decided to jump on the blog train. I have no idea what this blog will be about. I have just started being a militant coupon user so I am sure I will post my adventures with that. I am also an entertainment nerd, so I am sure I will be sharing some of the entertainment news going on. I am also a Fox News junkie so that will be fun to get into some great debates with people. Most importantly, I have two girls, Maggie who is 4 and Estella who is 2. I think they are secretly trying to drive me to the crazy house. I figure I will just post whatever adventures I have to try to make someone else laugh at my slow ride on the crazy train.